'Fear Factor' Returning to NBC, Now With Less Bug-Eating!

'Fear Factor' Returning to NBC, Now With Less Bug-Eating! If anyone tries to tell you that our collective tastes as a television viewing audience are getting more and more low-brow, hit them with this: "Fear Factor" is coming back, and it might actually be a little classier this time around.

NBC is reportedly planning to reboot the competition series, which originally ran for six seasons before it was cancelled in 2006. In the original series, contestants were asked to eat spiders, lie in a morgue drawer filled with hissing cockroaches, or (in a particularly awful stunt), lie in a tank filled with rats while their partner grabbed chicken feet out of the tank using only his or her teeth.

The new version plans on doing away with all that grossness. It's not clear what will be put in its place, but heights will probably be involved. After all, if you're not going to gross someone out on "Fear Factor," you have to threaten their life, right?

The host for the reboot has not been chosen yet. Comedian Joe Rogan hosted the last one during its run, which averaged about 12 million viewers and a rating of around 5.5 in the demo, and is rumored to be high on the list for the job.

Are you excited to see the show back on the air? Do you think that avoiding all the gross stuff is a good idea? Let us know what you think!

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