Feel-Good Video of the Day: U.S. Marines Lip Sync 'Call Me Maybe'

Feel-Good Video of the Day: U.S. Marines Lip Sync 'Call Me Maybe' With the news of the shooting coming out of Aurora today, you might be finding yourself in need of a pick-me-up. I know I am. Thankfully, we have the U.S. Marines, who are here to prove that they can not only protect our freedom, but also be pretty entertaining.

A group of Marines in Afghanistan, lead by USO worker Eric Raum, decided to get together and make a lip sync video for Carly Rae Jepsen's diabolically catchy hit "Call Me Maybe." Why? Because why not?

Raum said that he heard the song on a recent trip to the States, and was surprised at how big the song had gotten, and so quickly. "I had just returned to Kandahar from the U.S. and had been taken back by how big of a hit it was, as we often miss out on the latest and greatest while in the ‘Stan," Raum wrote on his blog.

Well, that explains why these guys are a bit behind the times in getting their video out. The video itself took only 30 minutes to shoot, as the Marines are all kept on a tight schedule and didn't have much time to dance and lip sync about chance romantic encounters.

Video parodies of the summer hit have been prevalent, including a recent entry by the Cookie Monster on "Sesame Street," as well as a fun cover by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, featuring Jepsen herself.

Check out the "Call Me Maybe" lip dub video performed by U.S. Marines below:

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