First the Cover, Now Lindsay Lohan's Entire Playboy Spread Leaks Online

As we reported yesterday, recently incarcerated actress Lindsay Lohan's hastily shot Playboy spread, photographed in the midst of her most recent serious legal trouble, has managed to find its way online.

Yesterday the cover leaked, and now today the entire Marilyn Monroe-inspired spread has made its way online.

To be honest, it's pretty unoriginal by Playboy, as the exact same concept was already done with Lohan as Marilyn in a 2008 New York Magazine shoot, but as you might imagine, Playboy has a little more leverage to show more skin than NY Mag does, and they take full advantage of the situation.

They also shot the original Marilyn spread, which really was a deifning moment for the legendary gentleman's magazine, so it could be argued that Playboy's lack of originality is justified as a nod classicism.

No telling how long the leaked photos will be up, and they are certainly (and very obviously) NSFW, but you can check them out here at the ever-so-credible website

TMZ reports the Playboy folks are livid and "freaking out" about the leaked photo spread, after Hef and crew reportedly paid Lohan a cool million for posing in the spread. What do you think? Did Hef get his money's worth? Should Lohan just go away already?