First 'The Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot Has Arrived

We're past the T-minus-two-months threshold. July 20th will arrive very, very quickly and with it, arguably the only movie coming this summer that might outpace the ridiculous record-setting box office posted by "The Avengers."

After all the bombastic teasers and trailers rife with a tense orchestral herald, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" arrives in just under eight weeks - but the first TV spot is here now. Give Nolan and Co. credit where it's due: no franchise reboot in Hollywood history has met success like this.

Set quite some time after Police Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) "set the dogs on" Batman (Christian Bale) at the close of "The Dark Knight," this conclusion to what's been deemed Nolan's "The Dark Knight Legend" features Bruce Wayne having to resume his mantle as Batman when the vicious Bane (Tom Hardy) terrorizes Gotham City. He must also contend with the unknown factor of the emerging Catwoman (Anne Hathaway.)

It's worth noting that for three movies now, Nolan has pulled off what more than a few fans have said held back Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" and Joel Schumacher's disastrous "Batman and Robin": working in multiple villains, and trying to find a way to make them all matter without taking the focus off Batman. In this instance, every sign points toward Nolan taking on at the very least elements from DC's "Broken Bat" arc, in which Bane cripples Bruce Wayne.

It's hard to envy whoever succeeds Nolan as director or Bale as Batman in bringing Batman to theaters next.