The New Superman: Get a First Look at Henry Cavill as the 'Man of Steel'

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the first look at Henry Cavill in the Superman suit!

Today Warner Bros. has released the first image of "The Tudors" star Henry Cavill donning the iconic suit for the newest Superman reboot. This "Man of Steel" will be directed by "300" and "Sucker Punch" director Zach Synder, known for his over the top action and visual style.

What can we tell from this new image? Well, for one thing the new Superman will be super-humanly attractive, but that was a given with Cavill's casting. He also seems pretty ornery. Why so serious Supes?

Also he appears to be either breaking into or out of some sort of vault. Is it a bank vault? A specially made prison to hold him? Who knows, but wherever he is Superman does not appear to be happy to be there.

With this image all signs point to this new film being a darker imagining of the Superman tale. But did they have to take the 'darker' theme so literally? I can barely see Cavill's attractive face, so rife is this image with moody lighting and shadows.

The currently filming "Man of Steel" at least has a very impression cast pedigree. It seems like everyone even guest starring in this movie has been either nominated or recieved an Oscar. For example Amy Adams (nominated) plays Lois Lane while Laurence Fishburne (nominated) plays her editor Perry White. Clark Kent's parents will be played by Diane Lane (nominated) and Kevin Costner (winner). Even his arch nemsis Zod will be played by Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon. At this point the only non-Oscar nominee seems to be Superman himself.

But does this mean the new Superman film will take off at the box office? Hard to tell. Super hero movies have been doing decent bank for studios, but with the glut of hero movies that came out this summer people might be finally tiring of flights and tights. The last Superman film, "Superman Returns", was both a critical and box office failure. Plus there are concerns about Synder, who's work has often been bombastic without always having the substance to back up the appealing visuals.

What do you think of the first image of Henry Cavill as Superman? Are you excited for "Man of Steel" or do you think things are looking all wrong already? Take a larger look at the image and then sound off in the comments below: