First Trailer Arrives For CW's 'Arrow'...What's The Word?

First Trailer Arrives For CW's 'Arrow'...What's The Word? It's here: welcome to the first filmed look at The CW's next live-action DC Comics adaptation, "Arrow."

Truth be told, this both looks and sounds promising.

Once more, The CW will take a stab at an origin story. Unlike "Smallville," this one won't spend myriad seasons building up to the moment that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) becomes Arrow.

It does begin with a shipwrecked billionaire Queen being rescued from a remote island, then returning to his Starling City home with a new-found purpose. He takes up what will become his familiar Emerald Archer mantle, a vigilante whose bow and specialized arrows seek to right the city's wrong and restore peace and order to it. Along the way, he also seeks personal redemption from his former girlfriend, his family and the citizens at large.

If anything, this reminds somewhat of CBS' 1990 "The Flash" prime time series, but less overtly grimy and shadowy. That was a more "real" There's a balance struck between making Queen an exciting hero, and establishing a more relatable, contemporary setting and feel, ala Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. I love the way Amell handles the bow, and the end sequence with the tennis balls seemingly makes statement that punctuates the clip beautifully.

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