Flight Record Might Clear Travolta From Sexual Harassment Accusations

John Travolta LawsuitIt indeed sounded too crazy to be true. Turns out that the wild stories of John Travolta propositioning a Los Angeles masseur probably are.

Following up on accusations that rose to light earlier this week, TMZ reports today that Travolta's private jet's records seemingly clear him from a $2-million sexual harassment lawsuit. A masseur claimed earlier this week that the "Expendables 2", "Pulp Fiction" and "Saturday Night Fever" star that a naked Travolta (I think I just named a new cheap, fruity alcoholic beverage) got naked and requested sexual favors during a two-hour massage appointment.

Here's the catch: the masseur's attorney alleges the appointment took place around 10 a.m. at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 16. Travolta's flight records show that his jet departed Los Angeles International Airport at 8:21 p.m. on Jan. 15 and landed at 3:59 a.m. on Jan. 16 in Westchester County, NY.

Alibi doesn't sound air-tight enough, you say? Travolta can also prove he stayed at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City on Jan. 16, and that his stay included a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming film. Room details in photos taken for Travolta's project match those of a Greenwich Hotel bathroom.

Credit where it's due, though: that was a damn funny yarn this scammer crafted.

An allegedly half-erect Travolta supposedly stripped naked and sometime after the sessions's first hour, groped the gentleman before offering a "reverse massage" and sweetening the deal by offering, "Come on dude, I'll jerk you off!" The actor then allegedly started masturbating and claimed the he owed his fame and fortune to "sexual favors he had performed when he was in his 'Welcome Back, Kotter' days."

He then reportedly claimed that "Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity."