Former 'Real World' Cast Members Arrested

Former 'Real World' Cast Members Arrested Who says you have to STILL be on Reality TV to get rowdy enough for an arrest?

Jemmye Carroll and Ryan Knight, former “Real World: New Orleans” cast members, were arrested last weekend for getting into a fight in a Florida club.

According to Radar, the couple were at a Panama City bar on Saturday. A bouncer allegedly hit Jemmye and Knight tried to defend her.

The two went to the Bay Country Jail for disorderly conduct.

“Got jumped because some f*cking bouncer hit @JustJem24. I got him but didn’t go so well for the 3 on 1,” Ryan explained via Twitter.

After being released, Jemmye posted a Twitter pic of her black eye and tweeted “My eye looks ridiculous this morning..... I legit might kill this dude....."

Sounds like they have what it takes for another go at reality stardom. Anyone else smell a spin-off?

Photo: Radar Online