FOX Stays The Course, Renews 'New Girl', 'Glee' And 'Raising Hope'

FOX Stays The Course, Renews 'New Girl', 'Glee' And 'Raising Hope' Why change what's working?

Some networks just own certain nights. Just as CBS' comedy block very much runs Thursday nights, FOX is staying its course and renewing the heart of its Tuesday-night batting order. The network announced Monday that "New Girl", "Raising Hope" and "Glee" have all received new orders as the 2011-2012 season winds down, The Huffington Post says.

With sister Emily already a sensation on the seven-season (next year, eight) crime procedural "Bones", Zooey Deschanel made entertaining television audiences a FOX family affair this season with her freshman comedy "New Girl". Zooey stars as a young school, adorkable school teacher that moves in with three single guys and changes the landscape of friendships among the four of them as she gets settled into her new digs. Its success has been a welcome break from the network's theme this season, which has been "Failing New Blockbuster Dramas" - big-budget hopeful "Terra Nova" has already gotten the axe, "Alcatraz" looks headed for a similar fate and even beloved "Fringe" looks to have one foot out the door after the realization that the show just costs too damn much.

"New Girl", on the other hand, earned two Golden Globe nominations - a Best Actress-Television Musical or Comedy nod for Zooey and one for Best Television Series-Musical or Comedy - and is the number-one rated new series among adults age 18-34, according to a network press release.

Meanwhile, "Glee" just keeps on keepin' on and sticking with what brought it to the dance. The third season started off a bit slow, with the storyline incorporating the McKinley High "West Side Story" production heavily into the music numbers and drawing back from the more beloved pop covers and mash-ups. Once that arc ran its course, things picked up. Musically, fans have been treated to a well-received Michael Jackson tribute episode, a very Spanglish episode that boasted guest appearances by Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan, and a recently hyped turn by "White Collar" star Matt Bomer. Plot-wise, everything is also building to turning points headed into this year's graduation: Finn and Rachel are headed down the aisle, as eventually will be Will and Emma; Sue Sylvester is pregnant; and Quinn has been in a possibly life-changing car accident.

And all the while, the show has remained in the adult demographic top-10 nearly the entire season.

Finally, "Raising Hope" gets a third turn of its own. Martha Plimpton gathered an Emmy nomination for her first on the show following the Chance family as they adjust to newborn Hope growing from infant to toddler - and this season is winding down with a guest appearance by Headline News pundit Nancy Grace as the family has to go to court to keep custody of the tyke.

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