Free Winehouse Blouse! Amy's Dad Gives Her Clothes Away to Fans

Image Credit: The Sun Weird. Amy Winehouse's father apparently gave a bag full of clothes away to fans gathered outside her apartment yesterday.

"These are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted - for her fans to have her clothes," said Mitch Winehouse, according to the Sub.

Amy's estranged boyfriend, Reg Traviss, reportedly joined Winehouse in handing out the items.

Items given away reportedly included shoes, jewelry, tshirts and trinkets. One report says Amy's more valuable items, including one of her guitar, were driven off in a Mercedes.

In other news, reports emerged yesterday that the WInehouse family is convinced that Amy's death was caused by alcohol withdrawal. In another strange twist, authorities are reportedly investigating a potential "mystery man" that Amy may have met up with on the night of her death.

Is it too soon to start divvying up Amy Winehouse's possessions, or was Mitch WInehouse doing the right thing by giving things away to her fans?

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