'Fringe' Recasts Joshua Jackson?

'Fringe' Recasts Joshua Jackson? Will the real Peter Bishop please stand up? Last season, "Fringe" ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger. When the show's two realities merged an important factor was left out of the equation: Joshua Jackson's Peter Bishop.

While none of the show's characters seem to remember Peter, some ambitious stars certainly do and think a recast might be in the offing. Everyone from "Community"'s Danny Pudi to "Lost"'s Jorge Garcia are vying for a chance to star on the cult Fox scifi hit.

Making an appearance at Comic-Con, the "Fringe" producers opened their panel with a video of auditions. What was the part? Why Peter of course! Who wants a chance to be Peter Bishop instead of poor Jackson? Only the best and brightest television stars (and "Lost" executive producer and Twitter punching-bag Damon  Lindelof), that's who.

The star-studded list of auditions ranges from genre brethren  and "Lost"- alumni Michael Emerson (bringing the same 'please-don't-kill-me' intensity he does to every role) and Rebecca Mader, who might not have gotten the memo that Peter is a man. Also showing up are former "Heroes" actor Zachary Quinto, eating an actual hero (or hoagie) and J.J. Abrams' BFF Greg Grunberg, who thinks the part is in the bag. Also making hilarious appareances are "The League" funnyman Paul Scheer and the slimy Jean Ralphio Ben Schwartz from "Parks and Recreation," who seems to think he's reading for a part on "Dawson's Creek".

It's a hilarious video that shows that even if "Fringe" is perennially low-rated, it's beloved by both fans and stars alike.

Who do you think would be a good replacement for Joshua Jackson? My vote is for Danny Pudi in a moustache, but in reality it would be impossible to replace Pacey.

Watch the video, courtesy of TVLine: