'Fringe': Watch a Preview Clip and Trailer from the Two-Part Finale [Video]

'Fringe': Watch a Preview Clip and Trailer from the Two-Part Finale [Video] The two-part season 4 finale of "Fringe" starts tomorrow, and while we know that the show will be renewed for season 5, we also know that it will be cancelled after that fifth season. So, cherish every one of those episodes, folks!

FOX has released a preview clip to get us excited about the finale, but it isn't an action-packed one. In fact, it doesn't even have any Walter craziness or pseudo-science. Rather, it's just a tender moment between Olivia and Peter.

The clip has Olivia and Peter discussing their future as they look through the paper for a new apartment (who uses the newspaper for that anymore?). Peter notes that they could have a dog in one, and how Walter made him a hypoallergenic labrador when he was growing up (of course he did).

But Olivia one-ups the dog idea by asking if there's room for a nursery in the new place. Our chorus of "awwwwws" are interrupted, though, as their phones start ringing. It's the finale, so it's safe to assume that whatever that call is about, it's something serious.

In fact, if you watch the trailer for the finale, you can get some spoilers as to what might happen in the episode... let's just say that when Olivia says that she would only live in Weyburn if she's dead, well... she might be living in Weyburn soon.

Check out the preview clip and trailer for the first part of the season finale of "Fringe," titled "Brave New World: Part 1," below: