Full 'Captain America' Trailer Hits (Watch it Here)

More than a 30-second Super Bowl spot! Greater than an Entertainment Tonight sneak peak at a trailer! Not quite as awesome as an actual movie!

The "Captain America: The First Avenger" full-length, two-minute-and-thirty-second trailer was released online today in anticipation of its theatrical tour, which begins Friday.

I'm told that a ticket to the "Captain America" ad will cost you the full ticket price, but you will also get a feature film, "Sucker Punch," attached to it, along with a number of other advertisements.

If that's still a little steep for you, you can see the entire two-minute-and-thirty-second advertisement embedded below, and all kidding aside, it looks rather, shall we say, righteous.

Joe Johnston's an uneven director, but when he's really given room to develop a film (as with "October Sky" or "The Rocketeer," which has a lot in common with what's going on in this trailer), the results can be pretty amazing.

And that shot of Cap bursting through the door, guns a-blazing? It doesn't get much better than that.

What I really appreciate is that they give almost nothing away. Over half the trailer is about Steve Rogers before he becomes Captain America, and while I hope that's not the case with the film, I also hope that means we're in store for a lot of great action set pieces we haven't even glimpsed here. What they do give us a glimpse of is pretty amazing in and of itself, and Johnston's eye is spot-on for the kind of vision of the 1940s this film requires.

And Tommy Lee Jones giving the let's-get-pumped speech is always a good move.

Enough blabbering, time for the trailer! You'll be able to see the real movie on July 22nd, in 3D if you so choose (or if your local theater forces it on you).