Full 'Total Recall' Trailer Hits, Colin Farrell Has Lady Problems (Video)

The remake of "Total Recall" was the most recent movie to use the teaser to a trailer tactic, as the teaser spot a few days ago told us to watch out for the full trailer. It's an odd tactic, but it worked for "The Hunger Games" and the trailer for "Total Recall" might just be worth the fanfare.

There are many fans of the original "Total Recall," which came out in 1990 and featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wonder if a remake is even necessary. Sony seems to have two responses to this: one, this remake will be more faithful to the original Phillip K. Dick story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale," and two, the remake will have some pretty impressive action and special effects.

The trailer sets up the story: we focus on Colin Farrell as our hero Quaid who longs for a better life. He tries out Recall, a simulation that allows you to re-live false memories that can make your fantasies come true... but he is interrupted by the police bursting in and attempting to take him in, accusing him of being a spy for the rival nation-state.

In the ensuing madness, Quaid discovers he has sleeper abilities, kicks a lot of ass, finds that the woman he used to trust (played by Kate Beckinsale) isn't who he thought she was, and runs into another woman out to help him (played by Jessica Biel).

Not everyone would want an entire police/military force after them, but having Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel fighting over you might not be so bad.

Check out the action-packed first trailer for "Total Recall" below: