Huzzah! 'Futurama' Renewed for 26 Episodes!

Huzzah! 'Futurama' Renewed for 26 Episodes! When Matt Groening's sci-fi satire "Futurama" left the airwaves, it left a void in the hearts of nerds everywhere. But we witnessed a Robannukah miracle when the show was revived years later by Comedy Central, and returned funnier than ever.

Well, there's even more "good news" (to be read in the professor's voice) for fans of the animated comedy: "Futurama" has been renewed for an order of 26 more episodes, according to Entertainment Weekly. Not even Slurms McKenzie could throw a party big enough to celebrate for this one!

The 26-episode order will come to viewers in two cycles of 13 episodes each over two years, so "Futurama" will be on the air until at least 2013.

It's great news for the longevity of the show, but it's going to be serious torture only getting 13 episodes at a time and then having to wait another's just not enough!

Futurama was just featured on our list of the 5 Best Animated Shows on TV and is definitely one to watch, especially with 26 more episodes on the way. There's no official premiere date yet, but last year the series started back up in June, so expect a similar start date this year.

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