'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 11 Recap - 'Viva Mars Vegas'

'Futurama' Season 9, Episode 11 Recap - 'Viva Mars Vegas' Opening Credits Gag: "Made By Hand (and Tentacle)." Hey, it's the hand-made opening! They released that sucker before the season premiere. You can check it out below.

The Highlights:

The gang is bored, so Amy offers to take everyone to her parents' casino in Mars Vegas. Kinda makes sense that Vegas would be on Mars, doesn't it? Sadly, Zoidberg is not invited, as Amy thinks that poor people don't really have a place in Vegas. Poor Zoidberg.

He's left alone for the weekend in his dumpster, but gets a nice surprise when the Robot Mafia hides an $8 million take in the dumpster while escaping the cops. He joins the gang in Vegas, throwing around $100 bills like they were nothing, and putting all $8 million on 34 red in roulette.

He wins and gets $288 million. He lets it ride, and gets $10,368,000,000 (that's more than $10.3 billion, mind you). He lets it ride again, and he loses everything.

But Zoidberg doesn't worry about it much. After all, he's not any worse off than he was when he started. There's something very zen about Zoidberg, isn't there? Being destitute has taught him the things that are truly important in life, and money isn't one of them.

The problem is, once the Robot Mafia finds that their money is missing, they tell Zoidberg to pay up or die. Luckily he inks himself and gets out of there.

That inking, and Fry's face tattoo, leads to the Professor using his Translucidating Ink Polarizer, which turns ink invisible. When it hits Zoidberg, he turns completely invisible.

So when the Wongs have their casino taken away from them by the Mafia and they are evicted from their house, Zoidberg is the natural choice to pull off an elaborate heist, "Ocean's Eleven" style.

It goes like this: the gang takes over for the Hazmat crew that switches out the old shrimp at the buffet, to cover up Zoidberg's smell. Then they roll the cart into the safe room as a diversion while the invisible Zoidberg enters the safe and eats all of the cash. Once he's had his fill, they wheel him out.

It all goes as planned, until Zoidberg starts burping up cash and Blind Joe, the security guy, smells them out and powders Zoidberg to make him visible again. It is then that Amy reveals the contract that the Wongs originally made with the native Martians who work at the casino, which says that the land is rightfully theirs now. They kick out the Mafia, which apparently they couldn't do before. To be honest, there were a few plot holes here. Why didn't Zoidbgerg's ink wash off when he was in the bath with Amy?

The Heartstrings:

Not much here, but we do get an interesting pairing of Amy and Zoidberg, who bond over being poor when Amy's family goes broke. There's another relationship that we never really considered, that nonetheless colors an episode. Amy and Zoidberg. Who knew?

Notes & Quotes:

- Binks Armored Express: Yooosa Safe With Us, Okeeday?

- "This is why you never see a poor person with millions of dollars."

- The chart room. Perfect.

- "Now THAT'S the God I know!"

- "We shoulda brought a gun."

- "No, no, no. Go ahead."

- Hey, Al Gore is on the $100 bill

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