Future Film News: Screen Gems to Adapt 'Devil May Cry' Video Game Into Movie

Future Film News: Screen Gems to Adapt 'Devil May Cry' Video Game Into Movie Video game adaptations aren't always the most successful movies at the box office, but Screen Gems has found an exception in the Resident Evil series. Their set of four movies based off of the Capcom games have grossed almost $600 million in total, and the most recent installment, "Resident Evil: Afterlife," grossed half of that on its own.

Now, Screen Gems is planning to adapt another popular Capcom series: "Devil May Cry." The series of video games follow a half-man, half-demon named Dante who runs a demon hunting business. The series is marked by frenetic, stylish, over-the-top action sequences and the occasional snarky quip from the casual Dante.

Will "Devil May Cry" be as successful as "Resident Evil"? The video game series has made four installments, so there is a fan base, however it's not as widely recognized or storied a franchise as "Resident Evil."

However, with the right casting and a good director, "Devil May Cry" could be a big hit: it has a flashy style that's a lot of fun in the game, and could make for great action in the movie. Plus, Dante is one of the cooler video game characters out there. There's also a lot of potential for a flop, as the game doesn't come with too much story. There's enough to fuel a game, but the transition to a film requires a bit more narrative oomph.

This follows a series of video game adaptations to hit Hollywood in recent years, including the "Tomb Raider" series and a couple of "Final Fantasy" movies. An adaptation of the popular Playstation 3 series "Uncharted" is currently in the works, starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by David O. Russell.

So far, there is no director attached to the project, and no one has been cast as Dante. "Kane and Lynch" writer Kyle Ward is currently writing the script.

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