'Gadgety' Remake of 'To Catch a Thief' in the Works

When I think Hitchcock remake, I don't tend to think of Josh Stolberg, screenwriter of such films as "Piranha 3D," "Good Luck Chuck," and "Sorority Row," but then again I don't tend to think of Josh Stolberg at all.

Nevertheless, he's pounding away at a remake of Hitchcock's glamorous 1950s travelogue, "To Catch a Thief."

"I wrote, with Bobby [Florsheim], a remake of 'To Catch a Thief' for Paramount," Stolberg told Moviehole.

"Neal Moritz is producing, and it's exciting because it's one of my favorite Hitchcock movies and it was fun to come at it from a different angle - make it a little bit more modern and 'gadgety.' It's the first script that I've ever written that [encompasses] a lot of heists and action sequences and...it was a blast! I'm really excited. We just turned in the script tothe studio a couple of months ago and they're working on casting now. It takes place in Santarini. It's a tavelogue of the most amazing places on Earth. It's gonna be a fun, fun ride I think."

The original was about a retired cat burgler, played by Cary Grant, who, after being accused of a recent crime spree, must prove his innocence by catching the new thief in the act. Grace Kelly also starred.

Of all of Hitchcock's most famous films, I've never felt that "To Catch a Thief" really holds up over the years.

It's very much in the vein of the early James Bond films (which wouldn't begin until seven years later), in that you're mainly there to watch glamorous people commit glamorous crimes in glamorous locations, and the "travelogue" aspect of it is very front and center. While nearly every Hitchcock film plays as well today as it did upon release, this one could actually use a modern twist.

Now, is Stolberg the right guy for it? I loved "Piranha 3D" as much as the next guy, but I don't know if that's exactly the best calling card for the sort of game a Hitchcock remake requires, but hey, I've been surprised before. The biggest trick will be finding someone to fill Cary Grant's shoes.