Gaga Burn! Madonna Calls Out 'Born This Way' Copycat in New Tour (VIDEO)

Gaga Burn! Madonna Calls Out 'Born This Way' Copycat in New Tour (VIDEO) If you have heard both Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and Madonna's "Express Yourself" in relatively quick succession, you may have noticed some similarities. A lot of similarities, really. In fact, you might call "Born This Way" a total rip-off of "Express Yourself."

Or, if you're Lady Gaga, you totally deny that you copied off of the song in any way, and go back to making hats out of whatever happens to be lying around your house/sitting in your fridge/caught in the mousetrap you set last night.

Madonna herself has pretty much come out and called Lady Gaga a copycat, saying that "Born This Way" was a "re-do" of her song. Harsh words, Madge.

But sometimes words just aren't enough: sometimes you gotta sing it. Some rescourceful fans (or just people who happened to be hanging around) managed to take some video of Madonna's rehearsal for her upcoming tour. Of course Madonna will be performing "Express Yourself," but it has a twist this time: she's mashing the song up with "Born This Way," like some kind of episode of "Glee" where the assignment is to make a mash-up that's a total burn.

"Glee" has, of course, done tribute episodes for Madonna and Lady Gaga, so who knows? Maybe Madonna got the idea from them. Or maybe she's just terribly vindictive.

In any case, this could just be to create some buzz about the tour. Check out the video below to hear the most passive-aggressive mash-up ever:

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