Gal Gadot Hosts Bittersweet 'Saturday Night Live'

Gal Gadot Hosts Bittersweet 'Saturday Night Live'

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot presided over an edition of Saturday Night Live that was marked by moments that addressed the week's mass shooting in Las Vegas. The tragedy was the subject of part of the Weekend Update segment, and Jason Aldean, the country singer who was on stage at the site of the shooting last Saturday, performed at the end of the show.

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Gal Gadot hosted the October 7 episode of Saturday Night Live — and didn’t disappoint.

In a hilarious parody of E! reality TV shows, SNL created a few mock spinoff shows with tounge-in-cheek promos, including “Where’s Kanye?," “I Hate That featuring NeNe Leakes” and “Background Actors of Riverdale.” But the most amusing spinoffs went to “Kendall’s Model House” and “Kendall’s World,” which showcased the Wonder Woman star as Kendall Jenner who gets lost in “her own house where she only lives two weeks out of the year." In one hilarious moment, Bella Hadid (played by a brilliant Kate McKinnon) tells Jenner that Gigi Hadid “didn’t make it” after getting lost in Jenner’s house.

O.J. Simpson’s October 2 release from prison after nine years provided SNL the perfect opportunity for a segment. In the sketch, the former athlete (played by Kenan Thompson) meets somebody off of Bumble’s dating app and his date (played by Gadot) is clueless about his past. At one point, when the pair are out to dinner, a woman approaches the table and calls him disgusting. Hoping for a chance to recover from the embarrassing moment, Simpson explains, “I’m sad to admit this, but when you look like I do in this country, people treat you differently.” Other highlights include the wait staff of the restaurant giving Simpson a plastic knife for his steak as well as Gadot answering a phone call in which she tells her friend that she’s on a date with Simpson, which results in a manic amount of phone calls, seemingly from the friend trying to warn her about her blind date.

On a more somber note, Colin Jost and Michael Che touched upon gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting and President Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico. Jost, at one point, deadpanned, “President Trump visited Puerto Rico this week and let’s just say, problem solved,” before a clip of Trump throwing paper towels into a crowd of people played. Jost added, “Nothing says ‘I understand the gravity of the situation’ like a billionaire tossing six rolls of paper towels to hurricane victims."

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