'Game of Thrones' Is [SPOILER] Really Dead? Here Are the Theories

'Game of Thrones' Is [SPOILER] Really Dead? Here Are the Theories

If you watched the season 5 finale of "Game of Thrones" then there's a good chance that you screamed at your TV in the last minute or two.

If you didn't watch episode 8, "Mother's Mercy," don't read ahead!

So, in those last few moments we all watched in horror as our fearless leader of the Night's Watch got the Julius Caesar treatment as his own men stabbed him one by one. The final shot of the season was Jon Snow's blank face as he lay dead on the ground, the snow under him staining red with his blood.

But is this really the end of Jon Snow? Fans of George R.R. Martin's books don't think so.

One theory is that Jon has the same gift that Bran does, and he wargs into his dire wolf Ghost before he dies. Fans back this theory up by the fact that Jon's final word (in the book) is "Ghost," and that the text says that Jon didn't feel the final knife going into him. However, we have no indication that Jon can warg, and we also don't know that a warg can just transfer bodies completely or if he has to stay alive in his human body instead. Jon might have just not felt the last knife due to shock.

Another theory suggests that Jon's parentage might save him. You see, there's a theory that Jon Snow actually has Targaryen blood, and that he's not Ned Stark's bastard at all...rather, Ned claimed he was so that Jon wouldn't be murdered as a baby. In that case, Jon will likely be burned so he doesn't become a wight, which could resurrect him through fire. We know how those Targaryens like fire. There are questions here too, as we saw Dany survive fire but haven't seen anyone actually be resurrected by it yet.

A third theory suggests that Jon could become a White Walker and actually side with the army of the dead. After all, there are rumors that the Night's King was a Stark, so there would be some nice symmetry to it.

The theory that the show seems to be supporting the most thus far, though, is that Melisandre will revive Jon using her magic. We've seen men who follow the Lord of Light come back from mortal wounds before in this show, and Melisandre did conveniently just show up at Castle Black right in time for Jon's death...and she's shown a lot of interest in him before. This theory would indicate that Jon is in fact the "Prince That Was Promised" who, according to believers in the Lord of Light, will be resurrected "amid smoke and salt" and will fight against the armies of darkness with the sword Lightbringer.

Considering how seriously and grimly Jon was talking with Sam about fighting the White Walkers earlier in the episode, we're betting he'll continue that fight even after death.

Of course, there's always a chance that Jon Snow is simply dead and not coming back...George R.R. Martin has done cruel things to us before. However, leaked contract details for the upcoming sixth season of "Game of Thrones" indicate that Kit Harington, who plays Jon, will be in the cast.

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