Gangnam Style Hits 'Chelsea Lately'

Gangnam Style Hits 'Chelsea Lately' If you’ve been in a terrible accident and been off the Internet for the past few weeks, that’s probably the only way you’ve managed to escape the world-sweeping amazingness that is “Gangnam Style.”

The South Korean music video has gone viral in a big way. It features a whole lot of silly but totally coordinate-able dance maneuvers, perfect for bouncing down the street in drunken groups, flash mobs, or just livening up the dull task of cleaning your kitchen (tested and approved).

There’s just so much going on in there I don’t know where to begin. Stables? Blowing trash? Little kids on the beach? Yoga butts?

The true heart of the video is really in the crazy dance moves of Psy, the singer, so without just giving in and subjecting yourself there’s no real way to make you understand.

So in case you haven’t seen the video—in which case I’m sorry to hear of your troubles and wishing you a speedy recovery—please view below, and enjoy.

Once you’ve caught up with the rest of us, you’ll be more inclined to appreciate Psy’s appearance on “Chelsea Lately.”

The energetic singer steps in as the perfect intern. Boxes to break down? No problem, nothing a little dancing can’t fix. Make-up to apply? Easily done.

And stapling important files has never been so fast or so fun!

Apparently Psy does so well he gets promoted to waiting on Chelsea herself, shaking her martini with the perfect mixture of sass, lust, and dance moves.