Get Ready, 'South Park' Is Going to Make Fun of Bill Cosby Tomorrow Night

Get Ready, 'South Park' Is Going to Make Fun of Bill Cosby Tomorrow Night

"South Park" is airing a holiday special this Wednesday. But we're not excited to see how they lampoon Christmas.

No, instead we'll be tuning in to see what Trey Parker and Matt Stone have to say about Bill Cosby.

In this promo for the upcoming episode of the long-running animated series, "South Park" teases a holiday special full of celebrity appearances. There's Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Iggy Azalea with a snowman butt, and then there's Bill Cosby.

Given the recent news around the comedian, it's pretty clear what topic "South Park" will be covering in relation to Cosby. Plus, there's the fact that he's sitting on a couch with Taylor Swift, enjoying a drink.

Cosby is currently under fire as more and more rape accusations surface from multiple women, all of them alleging that Cosby sexually assaulted them in some way in the past. The usual charge claims that Cosby drugged women's drinks and then raped them.

The allegations have been going on for literally decades, but it was only recently when fellow comedian Hannibal Burress brought up the rumors during a stand-up set that the accusations really came to the forefront in terms of media coverage and public opinion.

Cosby has already had a number of appearances canceled, his NBC sitcom and Netflix special have been indefinitely postponed or outright canceled, and he has stepped down from the board of trustees at his alma mater, Temple University.

The "South Park" holiday special will air Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 10pm on Comedy Central.