Ginnifer Goodwin Will Play Snow White 'Once Upon a Time' for 'Lost' Alums

Ginnifer Goodwin Will Play Snow White 'Once Upon a Time' for 'Lost' Alums Ever since Tim Burton's wildly-successful, though not terribly faithful in tone, spirit, or content, adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" hit theaters, fairy tales have been all the rage in entertainment development.

No less than three "Snow White" film adaptations were racing their way to theaters (one currently has Julia Roberts attached), but it looks like two executive producers who saw "Lost" through are going to outdo them all by putting all the fairy tales on one weekly program.

All that's really known about the show, per the Variety article announcing it, is that it stars a "female protagonist who comes from a unique background," and "is drawn to a small town in Maine where fairy tales just may be real."

Elements of mystery are promised, but of course it wouldn't be on television without a "strong human emotional center."

Deadline reported that one of those fairy tales will be played by Ginnifer Goodwin. The almost-unbearably-adorable star, whose television experience includes a starring role on "Big Love" and a recurring one on "Ed," will play a woman who fits the description of Snow White and is even placed under a spell by an Evil Queen only to be rescued by a Prince Charming.

The only thing keeping this from just being the story of Snow White is that Deadline is calling her character "Snow White/Sister Mary Margaret" with no explanation of where the latter fits in. Well all right then.

Goodwin's a terribly underrated actress - she has more magnetism than most major stars, and was the only member of the cast of "He's Just Not That Into You" who made it look like this wasn't the worst job they've ever landed. Here's hoping she's given the room to play more than just the type.

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