'Glee' Preview: See the Song List for the Graduation Finale

'Glee' Preview: See the Song List for the Graduation Finale As the days roll on to May, high school graduation time approaches... and that goes for the kids on "Glee" as well. A number of the main characters on the show are seniors within the "Glee"-verse, and will be graduating from McKinley High in an upcoming episode. That begs the question: which songs will be used on the show to mark the occasion?

That question is answered by the track list for the traditionally awkwardly titled "Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album," which features the songs from the episode and will release on May 15. The album includes 13 tracks, which are:

"We Are Young" - fun.
"Edge of Glory" - Lady Gaga
"I Won't Give Up" - Jason Mraz
"We Are the Champions" - Queen
"School's Out" - Alice Cooper
"I Was Here" - Beyoncé
"I'll Remember" - Madonna
"You Get What You Give" - New Radicals
"Not the End" - The Bravery
"Roots Before Branches" - Room for Two
"Glory Days" - Bruce Springsteen
"Forever Young" - Bob Dylan
"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" - Green Day

The opening track, "We Are Young," may not actually be featured in the episode, seeing as it has already appeared on the show. Then again, considering how popular the song has gotten since, a reprise might not be a bad idea.

Some tracks, like "You Get What You Give," seem to be there more for a feel than for the lyrics, but others, like "Forever Young" and "School's Out" are pretty on the nose. Green Day's "Good Riddance" may be the most obvious song choice the show has ever made, and could probably only be topped in this case by Vitamin C's "Graduation Song."

What do you think of the track list? Also, the art for the album doesn't picture Brittany, who is also a senior (after all, she ran for senior class president); is Brittany going to flunk and have to repeat?

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