'The Glee Project' Preview: Kevin McHale Throws A Curve....

'The Glee Project' Preview: Kevin McHale Throws A Curve.... So, it's "adaptability" we're discussing this week on Oxygen's "The Glee Project," hm? If that's so, then Kevin McHale is the "Glee" equivalent to a European wall outlet, he adapts so deftly.

The former song-and-dance man of defunct boy-band NLT now maneuvers a wheelchair so deftly as smooth but vulnerable handicapped show choir member Artie, a new viewer would never suppose that McHale himself isn't handicapped at all. That said, it's so very fitting that he mentor the remaining cast of "Glee" hopefuls in the art of changing up a performance.

"I'm really excited to see Kevin, because as somebody who uses a wheelchair, I'm always looking to see if he's cheating at all on the show and I've never seen him move his legs!" gushes 24-year-old contestant Ali, according to E! Online.

McHale dishes out Alanis Morissette's jagged little hit "You Oughta Know" to the group, but informs them, "You've been preparing this number as a group number, but you're doing it as a solo. You each have to sing the song by yourself.

"You never know what you're going to get," he explained. "Every day is different and you may show up to work one day thinking it's going to be something and then it completely changes."

It sounds like it's mostly all good in the hood, but 21-year-old Shanna hits the ultimate monkey wrench: she doesn't know the words. For more on how McHale pitches the contestants this audible, check out the E! preview clip below.

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