Is 'The Glee Project' Returning for a Second Season?

Is 'The Glee Project' Returning for a Second Season? For a while, it was looking pretty shaky for "The Glee Project." The reality competition series, which aims to find a new cast member (or two or three) by putting contestants through a series of challenges, started off the season with dismal ratings, and execs were left scratching their heads. But less competition and the tallying of DVR and online views helped determine that things weren't really so bad for "The Glee Project," and the show has gone on without a hitch.

Now, it's looking like there might be a second season in store for the least, there will be if the producers have anything to say about it. EP Michael Davies has said that "talks have begun" for the show, and noted that the casting process might have a bit of re-tooling if the show does get picked up.

One thing that won't change, at least according to choreographer Zach Woodlee and director Robert Ulrich, is the way the contestants are chosen.

When asked whether there would be an audience participation element to season two, a la "American Idol," both men gave an emphatic no. "The point of the show, it's not a popularity contest," Woodlee said. Ulrich added, "I can't imagine it ever going with a live audience thing."

If "The Glee Project" does get picked up for another season, then "Glee" essentially has its own farm system for series regulars, something that has never been done before on television. It seems to solve the "high school TV show" problem: eventually, these kids have to graduate and new freshmen have to come in.

Normally that can alienate viewers who don't want to see their favorites replaced with new characters...but if those same viewers get involved in watching "The Glee Project," those incoming newbies won't be unfamiliar faces.

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