'Glee' Season 4, Episode 2 Preview Clip: Rachel Isn't Sexy

'Glee' Season 4, Episode 2 Preview Clip: Rachel Isn't Sexy Now that Sue Sylvester is all nice and stuff (well, compared to her old self, anyway), "Glee" needs a new horribly mean villain to antagonize our heroes. Enter Kate Hudson, who plays Rachel's NYADA dance instructor Cassandra July. The strict dance instructor isn't exactly a new and original character, but the dance instructor that compares you unfavorably to David Schwimmer is.

This preview clip from this week's episode, the second of the current fourth season, shows that Cassandra isn't going to let up anytime soon, even though Rachel earned a bit of respect at the end of the season premiere. Cassie will be teaching the tango this week, but she makes Rachel sit this one out due to her lack of any sex appeal. Ouch.

This week's episode will be the second Britney Spears tribute, and part of that will be Rachel's response to Cassandra's diss: Rachel puts together a Britney dance number to show her sexiness, but Cassandra is still unimpressed (probably because she's still singing Britney Spears).

Can Rachel's new handsome friend Brody help her put together a number that will impress Cassandra? We know Kurt is in town, but this isn't exactly his forte, either.

Check out the preview clip from "Glee" season 4, episode 2 below:

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