'Glee' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap & Song List - 'Makeover'

'Glee' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap & Song List - 'Makeover' Let's be honest: most of this episode felt like filler. Really, the purpose of this one was to set up that gasp-worthy ending. But we'll get to that later. Let's start with...

The Ohio Side

Blaine, as it has been established, is the new Rachel. So, as the new Rachel, it is his duty to join as many extracurricular clubs as possible. These include a superhero sidekick appreciation club and some thing about wizards... you have to wonder, is this a Starkid nod? In any case, there's Darren Criss in a Robin outfit for you. You're welcome.

Blaine also signs up to run for student body president... against incumbent Brittany. In response, Brittany chooses Artie as her running mate and offers to let him make all the decisions if they win. "So I get to be the Cheney to your Bush?" he asks. "I prefer landing strip," she responds. Oh, Brittany.

That choice offended new blonde BFF Sam, though, so Brittany sets him up to run with Blaine instead. There's a pretty clear set-up happening here: Sam has gotten quirkier and a little bit dumber this season, sort of like the male version of Brittany. Then later in the episode, it seems pretty clear that he's in love with her. Is he going to come between her and Santana? Are any of the long-distance couples this year going to make it?

The debate ends up being a disaster as Brittany proposes that they get rid of weekends and summer vacation so that they can be at McKinley all the time. Is her deal that she never wants to leave? Looking that way. That could be an interesting little arc for Brittany this year.

Blaine and Sam end up winning, but Blaine is unable to share the news with Kurt, who ignores his call. Uh oh.

The New York Side

In his defense, Kurt is very busy. He lands the Vogue.com internship with ease, as he hits it off immediately with Isabelle Wright (guest star Sarah Jessica Parker). Isabelle is a bit of an anomaly on this show: she's an attractive (depending on your opinion of SJP) female character who is not totally egotistical or bitchy. Good job, "Glee," you broke the trend!

Isabelle trusts Kurt right off the bat, even seeking his advice after a pitch meeting. When Kurt brings Rachel to the office suggesting a makeover music video for the website, Isabelle jumps (and sings) at the opportunity. They submit the video to Anna Wintour, who gives her approval to shoot a much better version with an actual model in an exotic locale, but still a win for Kurt.

In fact, Isabelle suggests that perhaps he should redirect from his NYADA dreams and pursue fashion instead, since he seems to have a knack for it and she sees tons of potential in him. In all of the celebration over the victory, though, Kurt ignores Blaine's call. Trouble is a-brewin'.

Rachel, after her major makeover (which mostly means now showing a lot more leg, not straightening her hair and wearing lots of eye makeup) is now completely irresistable to Brody, who does the most sexualized performance of a Sheryl Crow song you've ever seen with her.

She invites him over to dinner, which ends up being the two of them eating pizza after Rachel adorably burns the duck. Oh, how cute and rom-com-ish it is, right up to the point where Rachel accidentally mentions Finn. Brody, ever the "nice guy," says "I'm hands off. Just friends," seconds before leaning in and kissing her.

Their makeout session is interrupted by a knock on the door, which Rachel presumes to be Kurt... but it's FINN! Awkward? Yes. Sufficiently dramatic? Yes. If the rest of this episode was a little lacking in oomph, this made up for it.

How will that play out? Tough to say: the preview for next week has Finn singing Coldplay (Coldplay: never a good sign) and Rachel telling him she can't go on like this. There's also a glimpse of what looks very much like a breakup between Kurt and Blaine. DRAMA.

This Week's Song List:

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" -- Tears for Fears -- Blaine

"Celebrity Skin" -- Hole -- Sam and Brittany

"The Way You Look Tonight"/"Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" -- Standard/"Annie" -- Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle

"A Change Would Do You Good" -- Rachel and Brody