Glee Season 4 Review - A Great Start To The Latest Season

Glee Season 4 If you missed the season premiere, head over to the 'Glee' show page and watch it now!

This year’s Glee is split between the graduates in New York and the remaining and new additions of the New Directions back in high school. This first show of the season and the pace is set between the two.

Glee’s fourth season opens with Rachel going off to New York to give it a shot at making it. She is frightened but excited about her chance to hone her skills at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYADA) in New York City. She is enrolled in a dance class where right off the bat she offends her teacher Cassandra July accidentally. The awesomely wicked Kate Hudson plays the teacher and she begins to push Rachel just as hard as she can.

In her next class, Whoopi Goldberg plays her singing teacher, Carmen Tibideaux . She is tough and has all ready thrown a student out of the school after the student sang two notes. Rachel is nervous but goes forward and sings her heart out. Tibideaux sees Rachel’s talent immediately.

Meanwhile back in high school, the new directions are more popular than they have ever been. This is thanks to winning the nationals, but with their lead singer gone, they must have a sing off to find a replacement for Rachel, or a new Rachel. Luckily, there are quite a few people interested in filling the void.

There new popularity brings them to hanging out with the jocks of the school. And apparently, this group can easily become shallow as they begin saying horrible things about the overweight lunchroom lady. They need to get it in check and remember that others have feelings too. It seems pretty lame that they are doing this.

Back in the big apple, Rachel is homesick with a capital H. She misses the three F’s; her friends, family and Finn. She is befriended by a hot upper classman Brody who steers her through what is hot and what is not in the dorms.

Here is the big hint of the evening, both Rachel and Marley sing, Billy Joel’s A New York State of Mind. Could it be that Marley is going to be the new Rachel? Well, from the way that the New Directions groups are knocking the obese lunchroom lady, probably not. Unless Marley can keep it from them that her mom is in fact the lunchlady, they are making fun of. She cannot keep it to herself when she hears what they are saying and she blurts it out. Really, it was incredibly immature of them to be acting that way and certainly not the behavior of national’s winners.

The group then apologizes to her for their behavior and she is asked to lead the next song. Marley agrees to do it.

Somewhere else in the school there is a graduate lurking that should no longer be there, and yet Kurt is too scared to move on so he is clinging to what he knows. After several nudges from the people at his former high school and an inspiring song from Blaine, he decides he has to try New York and see if he can make it there.

There is a very touching scene with his father, Burt, at the airport when the father tells him that he can always come back home. He leaves to start is new life, but where can he live? He gives Rachel a call. She is so overjoyed to hear from Kurt. He tells her to turn around, and there he is. There is much rejoicing as these two best friends are reunited. Because things are not going well with her roommate in the dorms, they decide to live together in an apartment.

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