'Glee' Season 4: Ryan Murphy Clears the Air, 'Everyone Is Coming Back'

'Glee' Season 4: Ryan Murphy Clears the Air, 'Everyone Is Coming Back' The "Glee" kids have already gone to Nationals, and the season finale is approaching. With that, many of the characters on the show will be graduating from their fictional high school, and over the course of the third season of "Glee," that has raised a lot of questions about whether the actors playing those characters would remain on the show.

Since then, Ryan Muphy (the show's creator) has revealed just a bit about "Glee" season 4... namely, that it will take place both in New York City and in Lima, Ohio, where the fictional McKinley High School is located. That assuaged any fears that stars Chris Colfer, Lea Michele or Cory Monteith would be dropped from the show, as all three of their characters are headed to New York.

But what about the rest of them? Naya Rivera's Santana is headed to Louisville, and Puck (Mark Salling) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) look like they're Los Angeles bound. To include all of those locations as well would be difficult to say the least, so will those regulars be dropped?

Not so, says Ryan Murphy. "They're all coming back," Murphy told Vulture. "Anyone who is a regular is coming back. Everyone said yes." That would mean that Riley, Rivera and Salling, all series regulars, will be back. Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch will return as well, along with the underclassmen at McKinley.

The question remains, though: how will everyone fit into the story? "It doesn't mean everyone will be doing 22 episodes," said Murphy. So, while we're likely to follow Rachel and Kurt pretty closely at NYADA, we might not check in with Santana, Mercedes and Puck all that often. Maybe they'll show up when they're home for winter break?