'Glee' Season 4 Spoilers: The Future of Rachel and Kurt (And That Spin-Off)

'Glee' Season 4 Spoilers: The Future of Rachel and Kurt (And That Spin-Off) Gleeks have been wondering what would happen with Kurt ever since he got that rejection letter from NYADA and decided to hang back in Ohio while Rachel went off to New York City. Would he give up on his Broadway dreams? Would Rachel and Kurt ever be BFFs again?

A set visit from Vulture revealed a few spoilers that clear up the Rachel/Kurt relationship and show a little bit of Kurt's path in season four of "Glee." Of course, there are spoilers ahead, so you have been warned.

Vulture's visit found that Rachel and Kurt were not only BFFs again and living in the same city, but they were actually living in the same apartment. It looks as though Kurt, who will grow weary of Ohio early on in the season, will land an internship with Vogue.com and move out to NYC, where he will room with Rachel somewhere in Brooklyn.

That has a couple of implications: one, there might be trouble for Kurt and Blaine (the latter being still stuck in Ohio, finishing up high school), and two, there might be a chance for a spin-off show after all. There was talk earlier on about putting Rachel and Kurt in their own show to solve the multi-city problem as the seniors graduated, but instead "Glee" opted to keep them on, and simply split the narrative.

That might end up being difficult, making this a make or break season for the show. Not only that, but "Glee" is moving to a new night, and ratings took a dip last season, so the numbers would have to improve again before a Rachel & Kurt Take New York spinoff happens. But hey, "Girls" with some musical numbers doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

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