'Glee' Students Become Teachers On Next 'The Glee Project' Season

The Glee Project The students of "Glee" have learned enough to teach.

That's what E! Online is reporting, in unveiling details from the second season of Ryan Murphy's "The Glee Project" on Oxygen. As before, the hopeful that best runs Murphy's gauntlet gets a guaranteed casting on the upcoming season of FOX's "Glee," the first to follow the fictitious graduation of several main characters from McKinley High School and New Directions.

Speaking of, recent "grad" Cory Monteith will be joined by Naya Rivera and first-season winner Samuel Larsen as mentors during the season. What's more, this season's batch of prospects will be greeted by Lea Michele on the premiere episode, "Individuality." Larsen is set to mentor contestants during the second episode, "Dance-ability."

In the Week Three episode, "Vulnerability," Monteith will see into what more of fine paste he can beat the "Glee" dialogue on bullying, as he confronts personal insecurities alongside the contestants. Don't express surprise. It's abundantly apparent "Glee" has always been little more than Ryan Murphy's long-term endgame to securing a Guinness Records entry for history's longest-running after-school special.

Showing incredible savvy, he's done so by hamming up every single homosexual and high school comedy to a grating, nigh alienating effect that makes many who watched the first season long for a simple hour-long campy dramedy about high school show choirs.

Addressing an issue is one thing. But ever since the second season, it's become so heavy-handed and constant that...well...


In the fourth week, one-time amateur pole-dancer Rivera will bring the contestants around to exploration of physical chemistry with "Sexuality." Expect at least mild harping on the lie that her making out with Heather Morris was anything resembling pioneering. Similarly, expect any viewers old enough to remember Roseanne Barr and Mariel Hemingway on "Roseanne" or Ellen DeGeneres and Laura Dern on "Ellen" over a decade ago to head-desk.

"The Glee Project" premieres on Oxygen Tuesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

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