'Gossip Girl' Finale Promises a Surprise Death!

'Gossip Girl' Finale Promises a Surprise Death! The final episode of “Gossip Girl” is almost here, and it promises to leave its audience wanting more!

Well too bad, because the series is done. And also, an important character will be dead.

Who, you might ask? I’d love to tell you, but obviously, that’s intended to be a major surprise for the series finale. All I know is that the character has been on the show since the first season.

The death will occur either December 10th or 17th, as the finale is broken into two episodes.

Right around the time Blair and Chuck get married, coincidentally? That certainly seems like the way the series is looking to wrap up… and pictures of Blair in a gorgeous gown and Chuck all snazzed and suited up kissing her while friends watch are definitely pulling interest in that direction.

If that's not a wedding, Blair and Chuck need to consider getting their jollies in a more healthy and private manner.

Will the wedding get-away car crash? Will the hotel burn down?

Since the finale will feature a lot of old faces from the series’ beginning, like Taylor Momson as Jenny Humphrey, Katie Cassidy as Juliet Sharpe, Desmond Harrinton as Jack Bass, and Connor Paolo as Eric van der Woodsen… we have our pick of possible victims.

How about Kristen Bell’s character…? She’s been on the show since the first season, and rumor has it Bell will be making an appearance on the finale—though whether playing her voice-over Gossip Girl or another character is up in the air, but the identity of the sassy blogger will finally be revealed either way.

Who do you think will get knocked off on the finale?

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