Episode 'Gossip Girl' Season 4, Episode 19 - 'Petty in Pink' Recap

Episode  'Gossip Girl' Season 4, Episode 19 - 'Petty in Pink' Recap

If you have never watched “Gossip Girl” before last night’s episode, don’t start now. The return of a prince comes in the midst of a sentencing with the addition of a new cousin and during the search for a mother. BONUS: Who ever thought we would see the use of Gossip Girl laid out in a tutorial? This show is exhausting.

Serena is teaching Cousin Charlie a thing or two about the business of getting into everyone’s business. They review how to spy, where to spy and what to look for when spying. By the way, the current targets are Dan and Blair, but mostly Dan. S must find out whether Vanessa the backstabber was telling the truth about their secret love. During the spy school session Serena attempts to summarize the whole Juliet saga, leaving Charlie stunned and confused, welcome to our world Charlie! This is where the GG tutorial comes in handy for new cast members and new viewers - listen and learn.

At the same time, Dan is on a mission of his own. He has been assigned the task of following the Prince. After giving away Louis’ location Dan decides the spy gig is a conflict of interest because Prince Louis ends up rendezvousing with Blair. Yes that’s right, Prince Louis Grimaldi of episodes past finds his way back the Upper East in hopes of reconnecting with his one-time love, Blair Waldorf, and all hell breaks loose.

Apparently Dan was hired by Louis’ family to tail the Prince while he was in Manhattan because the royals don’t want their son courting a commoner. When has royal blood or a lack there of ever stopped Blair? Never, and it doesn’t look like it will this time either. Blair concocts a scheme in which she will kiss Dan at a party, fooling the Prince’s people into believing she wants Dan not Louis. Don’t forget the whole Serena factor. Will she only fool the Prince’s crew or will S get the wrong idea too? You can already guess where this is going.

You may have forgotten but Lily Humphrey is still not off the hook for the whole forgery thing. As punishment for her crime the socialite is ordered to wear an ankle monitor, Lohan-style, and remain within the confines of her ridiculously extravagant apartment. Her palatial pad makes mine look like a closet. Tough life. Anyways, Lily has been nixed as the host of the Pink Party for breast cancer only to be reinstated after a little bribery. Way to go Eric.

Throughout the episode Chuck is extremely concerned with helping Raina find her mother. We know that his interest in the matter only steams from the possibility that his father killed the beauty years ago in a staged fire. Oh yeah, Nate is along for the ride on the Avery Thorpe hunt too.

Might I interject how happy I am that the Dair (Dan/Blair) moment of madness didn’t last long, for Serena’s sake of course.  S better look out though, when she sends Cousin Charlie to flirt with Dan (hoping to foil the whole “Blair and Dan” storyline) it may start something she will regret.

The Pink Party is like a dream for fashion lovers and S is a vision in that cap sleeve number. Win, I dig it. Hold on tight because here’s where it gets messy. Blair takes Dan upstairs to seal the faux relations with a kiss but sooner than you can say Prada everyone’s phone is ablaze with a Gossip Girl video of the make out sesh. Little Charlie was taking notes it seems.

In other news; Dan cuts the Vanessa cord “for good” and invites Charlie in for a cup of tea. Do I smell trouble with a side of Earl Grey?

Get ready for a Serena and Blair catfight (round 562) and from the looks of next week’s episode preview, heads are gonna roll.

A few one liners that made my night:

“Go fetal, cover your neck.” – Charlie to Dan referring to Blair

“You may want to adjust your dress; your monitor is showing” – Petty partygoer to Lily

“It’s worth risking an orange jumpsuit not to have to face another Botox bitch in a pink cocktail dress” – Lily to the police

Catch a preview for next week’s episode “The Princesses and the Frog” now:

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