'Grand Theft Auto V' Launching Viral Marketing Campaign?

'Grand Theft Auto V' Launching Viral Marketing Campaign? For whatever reason, Rockstar Games has kept quiet about when "Grand Theft Auto V" will arrive for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. That doesn't mean the studio won't cement that it is indeed coming.

An active Twitter feed has arisen for The Epsilong Program - a fictional religion with a presence in Rockstar's 2004 game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas." So far, @EpsilonismToday has only posted three tweets since July 25, all of the nondescript, vaguely cult-sounding remarks.

"We as a people have consistently got things backwards. #KIFFLOM," the first tweet read.

"Seeking without paying is not living, it is living on the cheap. #KIFFLOM," said a July 30 tweet.

Then today, "As of today, we are the fastest growing religion in America. #FACT #KIFFLOM." Described as "What's happening now in American religion," it's already amassed 5,749 followers who are apparently at least a little receptive to "what's happening."

The Twitter homepage also features a link to http://www.epsilonprogram.com, which GameFly notes is hosted on Rockstar's servers and contains more than a few "Grand Theft Auto" winks. The "Testimonials" section hailing the made-up faith features remarks from purported residence of Liberty City (the "Grand Theft Auto III" setting) and San Andreas, amid other locales. The "Give Money" link contains a Cayman Islands address and the fax number "1-555-FUN-CULT."

Venturebeat.com speculated Wednesday that with publisher Take-Two Interactive recently reporting weak earnings, there's a good chance "Grand Theft Auto V" will hit shelves before March 31, 2013.

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