'Great Gatsby' Pushes Back Release Date to 2013

If you were hoping to hit theaters on Christmas Day and see "Moulin Rouge" director Baz Luhrmann's new adaptation "The Great Gatsby," I have some bad news for you: it ain't gonna be there.

Warner Bros. announced today that "The Great Gatsby" will be moved back to 2013, most likely in search of a quieter weekend with less competition. That's probably a wise choice: chances are good that the much-hyped "Les Miserables" will share much of the same demographic. Plus, there's the fact that "Django Unchained" is set to release on Christmas and also stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Two Leo movies on one day? That would just be plain weird.

The new release date is May 10, 2013, which puts "Gatsby" up against a Tyler Perry movie and a Rachel McAdams rom-com, likely much easier competition. However, as Vulture points out, that weekend is sandwiches right between "Iron Man 3" and the new "Star Trek" sequel, so... maybe not the quietest weekend after all.

Here's the trailer for the 3D adaptation of "The Great Gatsby," in case you missed it: