Hans Zimmer Reaches Out to the Aurora Victims' Families

In the aftermath of the horrific killings in Aurora, Colorado, those associated with "The Dark Knight Rises" have been quick to reach out to those affected.

We know that the “Dark Knight” star, good-hearted Christian Bale, spent hours this week with the hospitalized victims after a surprise appearance at the hospital where they remained in care. Statements of sympathy have also been released by Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman, and director Christopher Nolan spoke for the entire cast and crew when he expressed his regret.

Now it's renowned "Dark Knight" composer Hans Zimmer adding his personal touch to the healing.

Zimmer has composed a tribute to the victims of the shootings, entitled “Aurora.” The song goes out in memory of the 12 people killed, the 58 injured, and all those affected by the incident.

Knowing Zimmer’s talent and sensitivity, it is no surprise that the song is a touching and appropriate track. In the preview, a choir murmurs hauntingly over soft and soothing instrumentals.

The song can be purchased online for a donation. The donation options range upward from as little as ten cents. All proceeds go toward the Aurora Victim Relief Fund, and will be used to meet the needs, short and long term, of the victims and their families, as well as the needs of the community as a whole.

Several other musicians have shown interest in helping the victims, as well. Jono, one of the singers of E!’s Opening Act, is teaming up with local talent to record “Aurora We Stand,” in honor of those lost.

Warner Bros. Studio is also planning to make a large donation to the givingfirst.org fund.

You can listen to the preview clip and donate to the victims’ fund by clicking here.