Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child: You've Been Auto-Tuned

Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child: You've Been Auto-Tuned Keep your Dom P. Forget the Cristal, too. True players bring on the roasted potatoes.


The late, great, celebrated kitchen master Julia Child would've been 100 years old Wednesday, had she not passed away in 2004. To mark the occasion, PBS Studios - the good folks who spun Carly Rae Jepson's really, really bad "Call Me, Maybe" into a Cookie Monster ode to sweets, after giving Mister Rogers and Bob Ross their own electronica signatures - have given Child the viral gift that will keep on giving: the auto-tuned mixing of Child's "sage"-like (NOTE: I'm truly, truly sorry...) génie gastronomique.

It's a groove smooth as hot chocolate truffles, but it's a sweeter treat to hungry eyes. The clip is helped by some beat-perfect editing to tap the snare beat right along with Child's chopping and rolling-pin beating of dough. It's so good, it effortlessly convinces that the key to the real high life is blanketed in the smell of a home-cooked meal.

It just goes to prove something: the fresh coat of paint takes nothing from the wisdom of Child's revered book Mastering the Art of French Cooking and later her PBS cooking show, but is more of a translation to a more digestable dialect that another 100 years of cooks young, old, professionally disciplined or amateurish and klutzy can keep down.

Happy birthday, Julia. Bon apetit, world.

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