Harsh: Three 'The X Factor' Judges Walk Out On KC Auditions

Harsh: Three 'The X Factor' Judges Walk Out On KC Auditions Yikes. There's "rejection," then there's making three veterans of pop music collectively say "f**k this noise."

For those who missed the word leaking Saturday to E! Online, Kansas City auditions for Fox's second season of "The X Factor" actually sent judges Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Antonio "L.A." Reid for a walk. E! didn't report extensively on just what the three plus Simon Cowell-substitute Louis Walsh had to endure - Cowell was reportedly ill.

But word got out just which straw broke the camel's back.

When one contestant allegedly wouldn't look at the panel while singing, Lovato, Spears and Reid sent a message by simply up and walking out midway into his performance. The contestant had reportedly been singing toward the back of the stage instead of making eye contact with his audience. One audience member later told People, "It was really awkward. You could tell the judges were done. I don't think they had a choice. They didn't want to waste their time." Another source claimed "[he] was one of the worst singers and had a bad attitude."

The good news being, Lovato and Reid eventually returned. The bad news: despite audience members clamoring to know "Where's Britney" upon the pair's return to the table, the blonde pop icon apparently decided she'd put in her day's work. She did eventually return later for a second taping. Then again, that wasn't the first time Britney's pulled a Towelie and just wandered right the hell off to Britney-knows-where. She mosey off during her first day of tapings.

Now keep in mind, between them, those three people have a few decades in the entertainment industry. No way was it just one contestant that hacked them off this much. Forget this amateur.

I want to know what my former hometown made them endure before him and that pushed them up to that edge.

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