Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Cat Fight Continues

Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Cat Fight Continues Bill Maher defended a joke he made last week, putting Elisabeth Hasselbeck back in the hot seat.

Her original seat, if Maher had his way, would actually be on a plane to Egypt in exchange for the recently detained CBS correspondent, Lara Logan.

"Now that Hosni Mubarak released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness back on a plane to the United States immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck," Maher said during the “New Rules” segment of his show.

In response, an unhappy Hasselbeck addressed the joke on “The View” reprimanding Maher for not answering the President’s calls to civility and then proceeding to all Maher a chauvinistic bigot, who was not a real man.

"It is wrong to do to any person, but any woman who just happens to disagree with you, and you obviously missed a call of civility from our president, Barack Obama, and you are on the other line with ignorance and hate,” she said. “Maybe next time you should pick up the call."

Barbara Walters pointed out that it could be the politics he was not agreeing with, rather than singling out the fact she was a woman.

To which, Elisabeth said, “He’s in the wrong country then because we should be able to think differently and appreciate across the board that we are in a country where we can express our beliefs.”

Joy Behar, who pointed out that Maher has been known for making jokes that are considered politically incorrect, asked Elisabeth if her feelings were hurt.

“He doesn’t have the ability to hurt my feelings because he’s not a real man,” she said.

Maher took a moment to respond to Elisabeth’s response Tuesday on "The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell," saying also that Hasselbeck should be complimented that he was comparing her to Lara Logan.

“There is a line that can be crossed where you get into mean, bitter, chauvinistic... I didn't even approach it,” Maher said. “It's a joke.... no one thought I was actually saying that they should take Elisabeth Hasselbeck and send her over to Egypt."

Maher made it clear he wasn’t trying to start a fight with Hasselbeck.

"I have no ill feelings towards Elisabeth Hasselbeck. You know, we disagree fundamentally on pretty much everything… but you know, we're both public figures,” he said. “People are going to make jokes about us."

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