Hawaii Five-0: 'Lanakila' Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 4 In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, a couple wins a million dollars and a trip to Hawaii while on a television game show. The happy couple is then targeted in an apparent robbery.

The man after the money is a con who escaped from jail. He arrives in the couple's hotel room which he of course got the intel on due to his many connections in prison. You know how prisoners are. He ends up shooting the woman who won the money and taking the man hostage.

The team is in hot pursuit of the con when they find out the man trying to take the money is really just attempting to reclaim what the man he's holding hostage took from him. The story is they were criminal together in on some scams and there was a large sum of money they had stolen which was supposed to have been split. But the one man cheated his partner out of it and the partner wound up in jail. During this time the man changed his name and moved on with his life.

The women ends up living and is now faced with the man she thought she knew and who is ultimately responsible for putting her in her situation in the hospital in the first place. Despite what is likely her better judgement she says she still loves him even though she didn't ever even know his real name much less that he was once a criminal.

Ah, sick love. Not! She's crazy and will likely end up in a future episode when she flips out and goes nutso on her new husband.

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