'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 11 Recap - '10 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 11 Recap - '10 Chefs Compete' Last week's two-parter ended with Patrick being sent home and Robyn being transferred over to the Blue Team. That move was a bit surprising, seeing as this show usually attempts to keep arguing contestants together for as long as possible to promote drama, but I guess Kimmie and Robyn will just have to compete from a distance.

Another Vegas-style challenge has the chefs confronted with a craps table and a twelve-sided die, which is really more Dungeons & Dragons than Vegas, but whatever. The teams must roll the die, which has letters on it, and name an ingredient that starts with that letter. This goes poorly for the blue team, who end up with dragonfruit, dichon, heirloom tomatoes, edamame and chicken. Apparently these chefs are unable to name a single ingredient when it comes to them.

The red team does slightly better with lamb, chickory, turnips, brussel sprouts and truffles. Maybe they got a bit of an advantage there in going second. Or maybe everyone on the blue team is an idiot.

But when the clock starts going, the blue team gets an epiphany: they can make an asian-inspired dish with some sushi-style rolls and such.

The red team has some success with their lamb as Barbie cooked it perfectly, but Dana messed up the brussel sprouts. The blue team gets mixed results too, as their edamame puree and dragonfruit rolls are inspired, but the chicken is overcooked (nice one, Royce).

Ultimately the blue team gets the edge, and they get a trip to Vegas and a stay in a suite at the Paris hotel and casino. Kimmie cries after they lose the challenge, and then gets pissed at Dana. Hey, maybe Kimmie was the problem, and not Robyn?

The blue team is met with a fantastic suite, but unfortunately also have to deal with Carrot Top's prop comedy for a while. Shame. That's about on par with the torture the red team has to endure, which involves a really loud alarm on the grill that's smoking the pig, which goes off every hour throughout the night. Brutal.

The Dinner Service:

- Lee DeWyze and Haley Reinhart of "American Idol" are sitting on the blue team's side tonight, while the red team gets David Beckham. Even Christina, who is a lesbian, is thrilled.

- Bad start for the blue team, as Clemenza's scallops are raw. Haley seems amused.

- The red team screws up two of Beckham's pizzas before finally getting it right on the third. Guess they got distracted by something. Wonder what?

- Robyn takes control of the blue kitchen, in a good way. Brian is impressed.

- Royce can't keep control of the meat station, which ends up making Ramsay pull the entire blue team out of the kitchen for a little "pep talk." The only one left out there is Robyn, working completely alone. Haley is again amused.

- Tiffany serves up cod instead of sea bass. But at least it was nicely cooked. Then she does it again. Whoops.

- Royce's pork is dry as a bone, and Clemenza's fish is a disaster too.

- As the red team is almost finished, the blue team fails to get out a single entree. The red team has to come in and help them finish. Bad news for Clemenza and Royce.

Obviously the red team gets the win, and the blue team nominates Royce and Clemenza. Royce claims he beats himself up physically for his mistakes, because he's a weirdo. Clemenza is covered in grease. Ramsay asks for both their jackets, and sends Royce home immediately. Clemenza just gets a clean jacket and a second chance.

Eliminated: Royce

Ramsay's RAW count: 2

Ramsay's Insult du Jour: "You're cooking like a donkey!"

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