'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 12 Recap - '9 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 12 Recap - '9 Chefs Compete' So Royce has finally been sent home, but considering how long he stuck around, he must have set some kind of reality show record for people who refer to themselves in third person.

The first challenge of the morning is a wing eating competition. Sadly, Kimmie and Clemenza are not chosen... it's Tiffany, Barbie, Brian and Justin against competitive eater Joey Chestnut. Four against one, 60 wings, and the chefs lose pretty spectacularly. I don't know if the chefs should be ashamed or proud. Probably proud.

The whole thing turns out to be a bit of a cruel joke, as the competition is followed by the blind taste test. Shockingly, Kimmie sits out for the red team, despite not having competed in the wing eating competition. Brian does nicely in the first round, scoring three to Christina's two... she thought turkey was tofu. Oops.

Barbie and Robyn do considerably worse, as Robyn goes 0 for 4 while Barbie get a point on cilantro. Clemenza goes 0-fer as well, and Tiffany pulls ahead by guessing walnuts. That leaves Dana and Justin, who get ingredients used in the dinner service. They get mixed results, and end up tied with just one ingredient left: sunchoke. Yeah, I've never heard of sunchoke either, but apparently it's in the risotto. Tiffany misses it, but Justin nails it, and with it sets a record: he gets the first perfect score in Hell's Kitchen history.

As their reward, the blue team goes to... a water park in San Dimas. As compared to other rewards, that's pretty lame. At least it looks like they cleared the place out of kids, so they don't have to swim in pee or anything.

It's time for the teams to make their own menus for the dinner service, and of course the red team are having problems agreeing. I'll give you two guesses as to who's starting the arguments. Yes, you're right! It's Kimmie!

Meanwhile, the blue team is having some problems with agreeing, but much fewer problems than the red team. Once they get in the red kitchen, there's a serious problem with Kimmie's "barbeque" sauce, which looks to be horrible, juding by Christina's reactions.

Also a shocker: Clemenza has spilled food all over himself. Flashback to Ramsay saying "you're like a pig rolling in sh*t all day long."

The red team's dishes don't look much better than Clemenza, as their presentation on a few of their dishes is pretty bad. Ramsay notes that the mussels look like they came from the bottom of the dishwasher.

As for the blue team, Ramsay thinks the salad tastes like a "beet salad with a sprinkling of crap." Meanwhile, surprise surprise, Clemenza undercooks his meat.

With that, we're on a cliffhanger to tomorrow, which will wrap up the two-parter. Will Clemenza be kicked out? Probably not, but he'll almost definitely be eliminated tomorrow, barring some kind of red team meltdown.

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