'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 2 Recap - '17 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 2 Recap - '17 Chefs Compete' Two episodes in one week? It must be my birthday! Or Ramsay's, at least: this means that there is a total of four hours of Ramsay-themed programming over the course of two days. That's intense.

The wake-up call this morning is some beatboxers and rappers, which gives the contestants a chance to show how white they are. Spoiler alert: they're very white.

The first challenge, considering Roshni's terrible scallop service, it to dig for scallops in a big mound of snow. Presumably they will cook with them later. Gross. Even worse, Royce gets a pretty serious cut on his nose and is bleeding everywhere. "Tilt your head back," says Ramsay. "I think he deserved that," says Guy. "You throw me under the bus, it bites you in your ass."

The continuation of the challenge is to shuck and prepare all of the scallops, with the first team to complete six plates gets the win. The women get out to a five-point lead, as the men fail to put anything out. Guy and Royce seem to put aside their differences and put out the first good dish for the men. Despite the small comeback, though, the women win.

So, the ladies get to take a yacht to Catalina while the men have to clean the outside and prep a bunch of prawns. Not only that, but one of Ramsay's favorite punishments: a smoothie made out of the failed food. In this case, that means delightful scallop shakes.

Dinner Service Disasters:

- Don manages to put out a pizza that is both burnt and raw. That's actually kinda impressive.

- Briana messes up the risotto, but not badly enough that it can't be fixed by mixing the three pans together.

- Brian messes up the shrimp at the tableside service, but doesn't get too much lip for it.

- Barbie screws up the scallops non-stop, even putting out the incorrect number of scallops at a point.

- Chris screws up the scallops too.

- Clearly we're seeing a Barbie/Robyn rivalry brewing, which means they'll both be here a while.

- The women are kicked out after more raw scallops, not getting to the entrees. The men are finally kicked out too, after some raw steak.

After all of that, Ramsay announces that both teams are the losers. The women nominate Barbie (duh) and Roshni. The men nominate Chris for his raw fish, and Royce for his garnish screw-ups. Royce makes a face akin to the "jizzed in my pants" face, for some reason.

The women clearly hate Barbie with a passion, which of course means that she won't be going home. If we learned anything from Elise last year, the way you stick around is by causing trouble. How could they pass up having someone who starts screaming fights on the show?

So, Chris is sent home, deserving or not. Barbie lives to annoy another day.

Ramsay's Insults du Jour:

"Get off the zip-line, and get back down to Earth"

"Do you have any idea how stupid you all look?" "Yes chef!"

"You're like a zombie! You make him look f*cking good!" (indicating Don)

"I'm deeply sorry that a non-stick pan and three scallops frazzled your mind"

Ramsays RAW! Count: 5

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