'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 3 Recap - '16 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 3 Recap - '16 Chefs Compete' "Piss off. F*ck," are the first words out of Ramsay's mouth as the episode begins. This should be a good one. The Robyn/Barbie rivaly continues to be unbearable, and Barbie shows tremendous maturity by stomping around and waking everyone up in the morning. That gets Tiffany on the "I hate Barbie" train.

Ramsay pulls the contestants into the kitchen to serve breakfast to a bunch of supposedly new American citizens. Their new citizenship is displayed to us by having them sing "America the Beautiful" very creepily as the contestants file in, because apparently that's what you do when you become a citizen.

Guy's herpes sore is worse than usual, and it's getting really distracting. We'll have to name the thing soon.

Royce is still speaking in third person. Royce is unable to even make a salad. Royce should probably go home soon. Brian messes up the sliders too, which puts the men far behind the women. Barbie stumbles on the pizza, drawing the ire of the ire-ful Kimmie, but eventually the women pull it out.

The ladies are rewarded with a flight on a private jet down to San Diego, where they go on the San Diego Zoo safari. The men, meanwhile, have to load up some lumber.

The Dinner Service:

- Tiffany and Don are singled out as waiters, and Don is unable to spell words

- Dana makes her spaghetti into soup, setting the women behind

- Royce actually steps it up for once, putting out good risotto

- An overly confident Barbie undercooks her scallops yet again

- Clemenza undercooks his wellington, but at least is smart enough not to send it out. However, when he screws up another one, he finds that he's short. Since the table is a bunch of Marines, Ramsay is especially furious

- Kimmie is furious too, over Brianna's burned fish. But Kimmie messes up her wellingtons also

- The cod finally comes out, but Roshni screws up the garnish by being unable to cook dumplings

- Eventually the women are told to "f*ck off" while the men finish up

That leaves the women to make their nominations, and they choose Brianna and Barbie. Ramsay decides that isn't enough, though, and pulls Roshni up also. But of course Ramsay takes Brianna instead of Barbie, because she causes drama. Roshni needs to stick around so Ramsay can insult her more.

Ramsay's RAW! Count: 5

Ramsay's Insults du Jour:

"I'd rather flee the f*cking country"

"Congratulations, you've just gone past 6th grade."

"It's a bit like your brain, not only is it shrunk down, it nearly disappeared."

"You're like the appendix in your brigade, they all want you out."