'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 4 Recap - '15 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 4 Recap - '15 Chefs Compete' So, the men finally won a dinner service, and became the first team to complete one while doing so. Will they actually win a challenge today as well? Will Barbie incur the wrath of the red team again?

The contestants are woken up with dogs today, and dressed in overalls and boots. They're lead out to a field, where they're supposed to get ribbons off of sheep to claim ingredients for their lamb dishes later. Yeah, because this has a lot to do with cooking. But that's not the point, is it? We just want to see everyone eat dirt. Those poor sheep. Where's PETA when you need them?

That leads the chefs back to the kitchen, where they have to create their lamb dishes. Robyn and her teammates argue about how long to leave the lamb cooking, and while she knows it's still raw, she still takes it out. Not sure why.

Here's how the challenge goes, point-wise:

Clemenza and Tiffany: 1 point each

Roshni and Patrick: 1 point to Roshni

Barbie and Justin: 1 point to Justin, Barbie totally effs up again

Dana and Royce: 1 point to Royce

So the men finally win a challenge, and they get to go to the horse racing track. Clemenza asks for some cash to gamble, and Ramsay, like a pimp, lays a $100 bill on the table and says "sure, here you go." Clemenza then bets on a horse that places dead last. The women, meanwhile, have to eat sheep testicles. This show is all class.

The Dinner Service:

- Danielle undercooks and underseasons her risotto. Surprising how bad these guys can be at risotto at this point.

- Brian is unable to cook a single piece of fish, undercooking them at first, then overcooking them

- Brian gets kicked off of fish, with Justin taking over

- Roshni undercooks her wellington, then can't get her second batch to match

- Don runs the meat station at a snail's pace, but at least cooks his wellingtons properly

- Roshni gets kicked out of the kitchen for her wellington disaster

- Don is less impressive with his sirloin, serving it up raw despite Royce's warnings. Eventually, he gets kicked out

- The meat disasters continue for the red team, as Robyn and Tiffany get booted

- They're followed by Royce and Justin, who both cook bass at the same time and get booted

Both teams end up finishing service once their teammates are kicked out, but with so many mistakes on both sides, Ramsay makes both teams nominate. The men nominate Brian and Don. The women are pretty quick to decide on Roshni and Danielle.

Roshni gives her usual "I'm a fighter" speech that we've heard three times. Danielle gives some attitude. Brian takes a different approach, saying "I'm a machine." But Ramsay ends up sending Don home, saying "I don't get it." And then, he takes Roshni and places her on the blue team. Sucks for the blue team.

Ramsay's RAW! Count: 6

Ramsay's Insults du Jour:

"When you yelled, it just sounded like you were circumcised."

"It's like cat food" (throws fish)

"Are you... wha... wha the f*ck are you doing?"

"You're shouting 'one minute,' like a f*cking idiot."

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