'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 8 Recap - '12 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 8 Recap - '12 Chefs Compete' The red team is divided, and Royce is still being Royce. But the men were the ones who had to nominate, which ended up sending Guy home. I'll miss him and his snobby attitude. And unidentifiable sores.

So it's still anyone's game... can the men rally and start winning dinner services again?

The challenge is an interesting one, as the chefs have to adapt on the fly to new ingredients that they have to incorporate into their dishes. This results in a lot of fighting and grabbing on the red side, and plenty of complaining about ingredients.

The weak link in the blue team is Roshni, who only gets 3 out of 9 stars. Kimmie isn't much better for red, with the same score. Robin also crashes and burns, thanks to her bad beets. Royce is easily the worst, though, giving a hair in one of his dishes. That gives Christina an opening to take the lead for the win, and she does.

So once again, the women get the reward (a trip to the spa) while the men have to clean the dorms and prep the kitchens.

The Dinner Service:

- Tito Ortiz is sitting in the blue kitchen's side, while Sugar Ray Leonard is sitting in the red kitchen's side. Why? Who cares. Famous people are here.

- Clemenza can't cook spaghetti.

- Christina's first risotto is fine, but her second one is undercooked. Brian can't get it right either. He also embarrasses himself in front of Tito Ortiz.

- Roshni undercooks her wellington, and overcooks her steak. Talent!

- Robin talks poor Sugar Ray's ear off.

- Patrick undercooks the lobster twice, which is the last straw for Ramsay. He kicks the entire blue team out.

- The red team, meanwhile, completes their service and covers for blue, clearly winning the night.

That means the men are left to nominate someone for elimination. Brian ends up nominated along with Clemenza, which confuses Ramsay to no end. So instead, he brings up Roshni and Patrick. The remaining men decide that Roshni should go home, to which she gives another impassioned speech. But clearly she's been the weak link for a long time, so it's probably deserved.

Ramsay's "RAW" Count: 5

Ramsay's Insult du Jour: "Look at the length of that thing. It's bigger than Roshni."

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