'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 9 Recap - '11 Chefs Compete'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 10, Episode 9 Recap - '11 Chefs Compete' Let's just overlook Kimmie's sorry attempt at rapping and skip straight to the challenge, shall we?

The challenge brings back the slot machine idea from last year, but with a few more slots on it. Depending on what the slot machine shows up for the team, those are the ingredients that the team will use. It's all part of a Vegas theme. GET IT?!

Dana and Patrick take the first shot at the machine and get flat iron steak with potatoes, mushrooms, spinach and bleu cheese. This thing is rigged! Clemenza is very happy about his pacon. Of course he is.

The chefs are in various states of panic during the challenge, but Clemenza has some serious trouble cooking up his ribeye. Why can't people cook a piece of meat? Also, Kimmie pitches a fit, but what else is new?

Justin wins the first point with his filet/chorizo dish, despite his fears about the ingredients. Christina and Royce both crash and burn, but Christina ends up getting the point over Royce (again). Dana, who was one of the lucky two with the easiest ingredients ever, totally fails on presentation and taste, but Patrick fails too as he oversalts his dish.

That brings it to Brian and Barbie, who both get a point with strong dishes. With that, it's all down to Robin and Clemenza, the latter of whom was working right down to the wire. Somehow, Clemenza gets a positive review, and with Robin's steak being overcooked, that's enough to give blue team a rare win.

The boys get a shopping trip and a nice lunch, while the women have to prep the kitchens for Family Night and unload some cow carcasses off the truck. The pressure on the red team leads to Kimmie and Robin being at each others' throats, especially considering that Kimmie's dish, which was passed over for Robin's, was far suprerior.

As the next night's prep continues, new beef (no pun intended) arises between Barbie and Tiffany. That leaves maybe two members of the red team who aren't yelling at each other. Then again, anyone being angry at Barbie is no surprise.

And then, right before dinner service starts, Kimmie burns her hand badly on the grease from her steak. She's in some serious pain. EXCITING TELEVISION!

Apparently this is just one part of a two-part episode. What gives? It seems that there was enough personal drama among the contestants to warrant a cliffhanger until tomorrow, so there's no dinner service tonight. Tune in tomorrow for a recap of the dinner service.