'Hell's Kitchen' Season 9, Episode 14 Recap - '5 Chefs Compete (Again)'

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 9, Episode 14 Recap - '5 Chefs Compete (Again)' Last week brought us a no-elimination ending as Chef Ramsay, in a rare showing of admiration of his contestants, let all five chefs stay on.

That's great news for everyone, but it's also a bit awkward for Jennifer, who declared her love for Paul before the end of last week's episode, thinking she would be eliminated. Whoops. So, here were are with five chefs competing...again.

Paul is nice enough to show Jennifer a bit of nipple. I'm not sure the editors needed to show that to us. Thanks, guys.

Ramsay is up to his usual theatrics as he makes a wild Alaskan salmon fall from the ceiling. Here's the challenge: the chefs must use a portion of the mega-expensive fish ($450 for the whole thing) and create an expensive dish that would turn a profit in a restaurant. The panel of guest judges will assign an estimated price to each dish, winner takes all.

Will is up first and loses a few points to saltiness, and ends up with an average price of $28.67. Elise is up next, presenting a piece of sliced salmon (really?!) with macaroni and cheese (double really?!). She majorly bombs. Toomy has a delicious-sounding dish, but his fish is a bit dry, which loses him some major points. That puts him at $25.33, which is more than Elise's $24.33 but not enough to beat Will.

Paul's truffle oil deal goes over quite well, putting him in the lead with a $29.67 average. Here's a tip: put truffle oil on anything and it will be effing delicious. That leaves Jennifer, who actually chose to poach her salmon...a risky move, but the taste wins the judges over. But sadly, it's not enough to put her in first, meaning Paul and Will place first and second.

That means Paul gets a helicopter ride with Ramsay and a seafood lunch. He has his pick of the remaining contestants to go with him, and surprisingly picks Tommy. Not only did he pass up poor lovesick Jennifer, but he also passed up Will, who placed second. Maybe not the best choice, especially considering that Tommy is scared of heights.

Meanwhile, Elise is being unpleasant as usual...but at least she's not being loud.

At dinner service, things are off to a rough start: Tommy and Jennifer can't communicate on apps, and mess up their capellini. Things get even worse when Jennifer and Elise can't communicate and screw up their scallops and risotto. They finally recover, but then Elise starts screwing up her fish again and again. It gets so bad that Ramsay actually sends out half the table's food without Elise's salmon...and 14 minutes later she still hasn't sent one out. Will this finally be the night that Elise goes home?

"Here they are down to the final five, you'd think we'd be getting food by now," says one diner. You'd think so, wouldn't you buddy?

Actually, it looks like Jennifer might be going home, as she still can't cook the capellini right. But then again, Elise yet again fails to deliver a decent piece of fish. Everyone gets kicked out...but Ramsay shortly brings Paul and Will back in. A surprise move, and most likely a preview of our final two.

That leads Tommy to make an unwise confrontation to Ramsay after service..."Why did you kick me out?" he asks. Ramsay wants nothing to do with him, and threatens to stick Tommy's head in the oven, to which Tommy, also unwisely, responds "do it." Not smart, Tommy.

Elise and Jennifer are up. Elise has the gall to pull Will and Paul over to the side to ask them for the allegiance. Does she think that'll work? You can't go through a competition and piss everybody off, and then ask the people who now hate you to support you. Unfortunately, the men all answer honestly and say that Elise is the better chef when Ramsay asks them. That convinces him, and Jennifer is the one to go home.

Sadly, we'll have to deal with Elise through the two-hour finale next week. God help us all.